16 New Rules of Business

  1. Hire outside the box
  2. Timeshift your team
  3. Do a little bit of everything — even the dirty jobs
  4. Tune out
  5. Be transparent — even in HR
  6. Enforce a hard stop
  7. Don’t think in annual terms
  8. Splurge on things that are often overlooked
  9. Toss out the projections — your business is you
  10. Embrace a hybrid model
  11. Ditch the HQ, go BYOD
  12. Nix ineffective meetings
  13. Use CC to replace your old “status update” meeting
  14. Go on and ask for things
  15. Don’t charge for status — price your goods fairly
  16. Be the human face of your company

Entrepreneurs Who Rewrote the Rules of Business.



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