20 Essential Life Lessons For Happiness And Success

1. Know that what you focus your mind on grows bigger
2. Don’t take things personally
3. Express gratitude — daily
4. Stand up for yourself but don’t act entitled
5. Ask for 100% of what you want from 100% of people 100% of the time
6. Learn to like rejection
7. Recognize that money gives you freedom
8. Always negotiate
9. Start investing early
10. Do one thing at a time
11. Accept and enjoy where you are right now
12. Get a regular dose of nature
13. Sweep your side of the street
14. Know that people who talk about other people behind their backs are also talking about you behind yours
15. Don’t hold a grudge
16. Always put in your best effort, so that you never have regrets or wonder ‘what if’
17. Lasting change in life starts with daily habits
18. Ask yourself, “Will this matter in a year?”
19. Treat others with kindness and understanding
20. Know that how you use your mind is in your power

20 Essential Life Lessons For Happiness And Success


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