Time Management: How to Increase Your Productivity

Getting things done:

1. Capture

Capturing involves collecting everything—ideas, inspirations, checklist items, big projects—and putting it in an organizational system that works for you.

2. Clarify

To clarify means processing the information that you’ve captured, sifting through your to-dos to find actionable items. In other words, instead of just letting a big goal like “start a newsletter” sit on your to-do list, use the clarify step to break it into smaller checkbox tasks. Delegate when you can, and if you can’t take action now, stash the goal for later.

3. Organize

Organize when you take your new bite-sized tasks and give them due dates based on priority and workflow. You can also create different categories that house similar tasks, like a category for emails to write, or a category for a specific long-term project.

4. Reflect

Reflect on your to-do list regularly to determine what’s getting done, what’s not getting done, and what you need to do next.

And finally, the actual getting-things-done part:

5. Engage

After organizing and prioritizing your goals, get to work on actually accomplishing them.

For a lot of people, these five steps become part of a morning routine that helps them get organized for the day ahead.

Time Management: How to Increase Your Productivity.


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