You Have the Power to Rewire Your Brain for More Joy

Despite our Darwinian preferences, we can control their thoughts with mindfulness, a sort of meta cognition or skillful use of attention. Instead of letting your attention be co-opted by the nearest or next distraction or perceived threat, a practice of mindfulness will train an individual to focus his or her attention and energy strategically and purposefully.

Changes in your thoughts can change the grey matter in your skull, and vice versa.

There are benefits to living mindfully, other than happiness. People who try to live more mindfully can focus for longer periods of time. Think about sitting at your own computer. The distractions from email, instant message, social media, co-workers, office noise, a boss going on a rant. You could spend the entire day at the office and not get anything done.

Ideally, repaving the neurons in your brain will help you lead a more satisfied life, but it also, as the ripple moves outward, a more productive and connected community.

You Have the Power to Rewire Your Brain for More Joy.


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