The 15 most innovative countries in the world

The 15 most innovative countries in the world

Since 2008, Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization have released the annual Global Innovation Index.

Basically, it’s a list of the most innovative countries in the world.

This year’s winners are no strangers to the top of the list, dominating in seven general categories: research, infrastructure, institutions, market and business sophistication, and a commitment to knowledge and creativity.

The most innovative countries teach creatively, enforce progressive laws, do business intelligently, and live on the cutting edge.

Keep scrolling to find out which countries will lead us into the future.

15. New Zealand — A growing reputation for innovation in the film industry, namely with its use of drones, keeps the country ranked highly.


14. Republic of Korea — The GII says South Korea’s greatest growth is in its booming research and development sector.


13. Iceland — A country bouncing back from financial woes is making storage of the world’s internet data its primary goal.


12. Germany — The country ranks at the top of national office patent applications and technology output, namely, automobile tech.


11. Hong Kong — Though it dipped one spot since last year, Hong Kong is playing an ever-expanding role in the world’s economy.


10. Denmark — Denmark leads for its efficient system of government, large number of researchers, and quality of education.


9. Luxembourg — The tiny country’s ninth-place rank comes from its high scores in the Trade and Investment categories. Education also boosts its rank.


8. Ireland — Up three places since 2014, Ireland is recognized for its infrastructure and creative outputs, like its thriving design culture.


7. Singapore — One of the most consistent countries, Singapore stands out for its political environment and ecological sustainability.


6. Finland — Down two spots since 2014, Finland is still recognized for its work in technology, research, and higher education.


5. United States — The US jumped five spots since 2012, most notably for the strength of its global-facing markets, value of stock trades, and widespread implementation of internet technology.


4. Netherlands — With its strong online culture, the Netherlands ranks at the top of the survey’s “e-participation” rankings (for interacting with the government online), and near the top in research and technology outputs.


3. Sweden — Well-designed universities and high-achieving graduates have kept Sweden in the top 3 for the last four years.


2. United Kingdom — Education and productivity hold the UK back, GII says, while its well-roundedness in all other aspects keeps it ranked high overall.


1. Switzerland — The country has been number one since 2011 because of its knowledge-based economy and ability to turn innovative thinking into lucrative projects — for example, local bank UBS is now using virtual reality to project investment portfolios to clients.


The 15 most innovative countries in the world


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