4 Key Things to Consider When Hiring and Building Your A-Team

4 Key Things to Consider When Hiring and Building Your A-Team

1. Understand the key soft skills required for the role

When defining the needs of the role, you and your hiring managers need to take a moment to truly understand what it will take for a candidate to succeed in this role. Outside of the tactical skills we all understand (i.e. execute and deliver a marketing plan, compile weekly reports etc.) what is often overlooked are the soft skills that will equate to success. For example, are you looking for someone who can adapt quickly to a changing environment or someone who has high stability and can handle stressful situations? These soft skills can make or break not only the success of a team but also determine an employee’s happiness. A candidate’s ability to train efficiently, learn quickly, develop positive relationships and resolve conflict is based on more than a degree or tactical skill.

2. Align the role with the company culture & direction

89% of turnover is due to attitude and only 11% is due to skill set. Understanding this is crucial when assessing your potential candidates. Reviewing candidates purely on skill can lead to creating a shaky team. Make sure that you understand your company culture and values and find candidates that not only believe in what you do but can fit into your company vision.

3. Efficiently assess candidates before they come in

Personally reviewing every resume that comes in is easy… if you are hiring 1 or 2 jobs. But when you are trying to build a strong team with multiple hires you need to understand the value of your time. Trying to manually review each applicant and find a potential fit to bring in for a conversation takes time. What it leads to is ‘scanning’ of resumes. Picking out keywords in a resume is not an accurate representation of a candidate. You are setting yourself up for the potential of missing a diamond in the rough and wasting time on candidates that never would be a match.

4. Avoid bias

By nature we are inclined to be drawn to people who are similar to ourselves. We go throughout life looking to ‘create our tribe’. But you as a hiring manager is not necessarily what is needed in your next accountant, sales rep, marketer etc. Make sure that your hiring process eliminates the ability for you to create a bias. Appearance, enthusiasm and likability greatly impact the selection process. Implement structured behavioral interview questions that reveal more about the applicant and solidify the fit.

Creating the best in class team will differ between each organization based on the company’s unique culture and needs. But what doesn’t differ are the key factors that influence meeting and assessing the perfect match in your candidate pool, and THAT is what will truly affect your creation of a best in class team.

4 Key Things to Consider When Hiring and Building Your A-Team


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