How the startup economy is replacing the traditional resume


How the startup economy is replacing the traditional resume

A group of five engineers and product people get together, raise some angel funding, build astartup, make little to no money and sell for $10 million. What just happened? Common narratives assert that it’s the tech bubble; it’s a naive acqui-hire; it’s collective irrationality.

Maybe it’s something else altogether: a fundamental shift in how we compensate the extreme top end of the labor pool.

About a decade ago, before the latest tech boom, many of the best and brightest college grads started their careers on Wall Street. Today, they increasingly set their sights on Silicon Valley, the new economic hub of America — where, despite the cultural emphasis on idealism and changing the world, like Wall Street, the promise of money and power alluring young, smart people is widespread.

The similarities don’t end there. Technology, like finance, relies on scale…

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