26 Apps every Entrepreneur needs


A set of must-have apps for every part of your otherwise stress-filled life.

The problem with most app lists is that they tend to focus on a single area of work or life. The following infographic addresses every element of your otherwise stressed-out life. 

26 Apps every Entrepreneur needs


The Art of Efficiency: How to Do One Thing at a Time

We live in an age when we work more hours and feel more stress trying to get more done. Technology, meant to simplify our lives, saps our attention and steals our time. Has the need for a more efficient operation ever been greater?
Thankfully, we can learn to become more efficient at work, individually and collectively. Management consultants and business professors have long debated the relative merits (and even the definition) of efficiency as it pertains to the business world. In highly simplified terms, efficiency concerns the cost of input for the output produced–in other words, the best use of resources and the least waste of time and effort.

One of the areas where efficiency can be optimized is the work force, through increasing individual productivity–defined as the amount of work (products produced, customers served) an employee handles in a given time.

In addition to making sure you have invested in the right equipment, environment and training to ensure optimal performance, you can increase productivity by encouraging staffers to put an end to a modern-day energy drain: multitasking. Studies show it takes 25 to 40 percent longer to get a job done when you’re simultaneously trying to work on other projects. To be more productive, says Andrew Deutscher, vice president of business development at consulting firm The Energy Project, “do one thing, uninterrupted, for a sustained period of time.”

The Art of Efficiency: How to Do One Thing at a Time

7 Supereffective Ways to Work Smarter

Get more done in less time by focusing on better outcomes rather than sheer output. Here’s how.

  1. Create a routine for the best use of your time
  2. Create a to-do list for your day, week, and month
  3. Figure out what must be done only by you, and outsource the rest
  4. Find people who are good at the things you are not, and hire them
  5. Set a deadline, and reward yourself when you reach it
  6. Keep your work environment distraction free
  7. Keep emails short and to the point

7 Supereffective Ways to Work Smarter | Inc.com.