10 Start-up Incubators to Watch

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A Novel Tech Incubator That Silicon Valley Wouldn’t Understand


Most technology incubators make the same promise: Spend 90 days toiling away on code, and you just might just strike it rich with the next great mobile messaging platform! At this point incubator structure is formulaic, and the ideas coming out of the programs reflect that. It makes you wonder, where are the visionary ideas going to come from that aren’t predicated on simply cashing out? Soon, they might be coming from an art museum.

NEW INC, an incubator connected to NYC’s New Museum, is among the first museum-led technology incubators. The 11,000 square-foot space, opening in August, will be home to artists, technologists and designers who will work on their projects for anywhere from six months to a year. It’s part co-working space, part innovation lab, part hip art-technorati hang out. Basically, it’s the opposite of every Silicon Valley incubator you’re familiar with.

A Novel Tech Incubator That Silicon Valley Wouldn’t Understand | Design | WIRED.