Why Good Manners Are an Important Business Tool

Before your open your mouth, do your homework. Taking the time to think things through from your listeners’ point of view keeps you polite–and more persuasive.

Good manners are important for everyone in business, but they are essential to the success of presenters and public speakers. Why? Because civility is inherently persuasive.

When you treat your opponents with respect, you have a greater chance that they will listen and respond, instead of closing their minds and reacting.

Why Good Manners Are an Important Business Tool


This 7-Minute Morning Routine Will Change Your (Work) Life

This routine takes seven minutes each morning before you start work. Will you follow it?

It only takes seven minutes to change how you approach your day. Using the routine described below when you get to work will make a world of difference in your productivity, your attitude, your success, and your health.

1. Before you start: Prepare

2. Minute one: Clear your head

3. Minute two: Breathe a little

4. Minutes three through six: Write notes and draw

5. Minute seven: Debrief

This 7-Minute Morning Routine Will Change Your (Work) Life