A unique platform that provides custom live video streaming from all over the world

VIRTravel is a unique, global platform through which anyone can virtually “visit” and “experience” any place and location around the world through a live, interactive connection with people locally.


The VIRTravel platform enables people to see any place around the world even if they are not able to physically visit the desired location. It is a unique community of travelers, the VIRTravelers, who want to see places in other locations that they cannot easily access and proxies, the VIRProxies, who are at the location a VIRTraveler wants to visit.

VIRTravel is for anyone who wants to see the world, but may not be able to. Many people want to see and experience locations around the world, but may not have the means or the time to do so. Visiting a location, place or site at a remote location becomes easy through the VIRTravel platform, which enables people to connect with individuals who are at the location of interest and can show them around.

VIRTravel is for people who want to see something at another location around world and for the people who are at the location and want to show it to them.

VIRTravel Proxy Network

The VIRTraveler:

  • choses location and/or event

  • sets criteria, inputs the right information and choses an available proxy

  • connects with the proxy and lives the experiences

  • pays the proxy and then submits a rating and review for the proxy and if desired, can store and share the recorded trip

VIRTravel Proxy

The VIRProxy:

  • is a person who is at the location at the moment a VIRTraveler requests a trip

  • could be anyone

  • would like to make some additional revenue

  • might like to grow his or her brand through digital and social media

  • would specify his or her abilities to match the travelers requirements

VIRTravel VIRProxy

Through innovative technology and a solid infrastructure, the VIRTravel platform offers a user-friendly environment and an enjoyable experience to both VIRTravelers and VIRProxies.

Networks of VIRProxies in more than 70 countries can offer a unique virtual travel experience to VIRTravelers from around the world.



To enjoy the VIRTravel experience:

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